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Why post jobs with Neuvoo?
Hire the right candidate
Every month, millions of people come to neuvoo to look for jobs. We make sure that your job postings are seen by the right jobseekers so you’ll find your next hire!
Measure job performance
As a neuvoo employer, you will be able to measure and analyze your posting’s performance with detailed activity statistics. See how many clicks and applications you are receiving in real time.
Find your talent faster
To reach more talent, we will promote your postings as sponsored jobs. Sponsored postings are listed at the top of the neuvoo search results and receive up to 20X more clicks.
Attract traffic from social media
From passive candidates to hard-to-find talent across industries and locations, everyone is on social networks. Neuvoo promotes your postings on Twitter to attract a wider pool of candidates.
Thousands of businesses rely on neuvoo to attract talent and reach more qualified candidates.
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