Highlights from 2017: The Most Sought-After Industries Around the World

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It’s that time of the year again, we’re wrapping up 2017 and preparing ourselves for what the next year has in store for us. However, there is an old saying that goes a little something like those who don’t learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it, and so we believe it’s necessary to take a moment to look back on the highs and lows of 2017.

To give our readers a sense of what 2017 was like, we’ve been digging up our data and compiling the most sought-after job fields of the year. Furthermore, to give things a little perspective, we decided to extend our research to our top-tier countries. So, from Canada and the USA, we’ll be going over the Atlantic to Switzerland, France, and la bella Italia to count down the top 3 fields for each of these countries.

In order to provide the most accurate data, we gathered the most popular keywords from the job seekers' searches and grouped them by categories. We then took a closer look at all those countries' economic status and employment trends to give you a clear overview of the situation.


The Great White North is our home, it’s where we came from and where we’re most deeply rooted. The most popular job field here is Administration. After all, Canada is the world’s 10th biggest economic power houses based on GDP, just ahead of Russia.

We all know that other than maple syrup and politeness, Canada is globally famous for their Healthcare system, so it stands to reason that it should be the second most popular job field in the country. Healthcare has some of the most prestigious and popular work opportunities for professionals.

The third most popular field of work is Transportation. As the second largest country in the world, Canada has a big and complex network of transportation used to carry citizens and goods across the country. The distances between cities, mines, farms, and forests keeps the Transportation industry thriving with plenty of job opportunities.

The United States

The United States of America is also known as the land of the brave and the cradle of modern capitalism, it’s no wonder that the number one employer industry is Retail. Over 29 million people in the US work in some form of Retail.

The second most popular field of work in the US is Healthcare. Medicine and nursing are popular choices for students due to the large amount of job opportunities available, good salaries, and the overall perks of working in this industry, including health insurance for themselves and their relatives.

The third field in the US is Hospitality. America is one of the most popular destinations for tourists around the world. It has a wide variety of landscapes and many iconic cities and places. The Hospitality industry is booming with a constant flow of tourists pouring in every year, especially in cities like New York, Orlando, and Las Vegas, providing millions with employment opportunities.


The number one slot in France goes to Transportation. This country has one of the densest and most complex transportation systems, with over 470 airports across its territory and hundreds of kilometers of roads and rail lines. France is also located at the heart of Europe and shares borders with eight countries, so many routes go through their territory when going from one place to another.

The second largest employer industry in France is Retail. With Paris being the world’s fashion capital, whatever brands and products one can think of, you can probably find there. France is also home to many retail companies and trademarks that expand across most of Europe.

The third place in France goes to Healthcare, a popular job field throughout the world. According to the World Health Organization, France has the best Healthcare system on Earth. It is also one of the most diverse fields for professionals with numerous specializations available.


Located in the middle of Europe, yet outside the EU, the Swiss travel more by train than any other citizens. Switzerland also has three major international airports located in Zürich, Geneva, and Basil that served over 50 million passengers in 2016.

Second in Switzerland is Healthcare. The Swiss have one of the largest and most efficient private Healthcare systems worldwide. Professionals in this field have plenty of job opportunities due to the number of employers and specializations available.

The third most popular job field in Switzerland is Food Service. Swiss gastronomy draws inspiration from many of its neighbors and is internationally renowned. Switzerland is very popular among tourists and its Food Service industry is one of its main attractions. Also, Switzerland is a major producer of many types of agricultural goods and products.


The most sought-after field of work in Italy is Administration, but sadly it’s not for a good reason. Italy has one of the highest rates of unemployment among young people of any developed nation. A culture of landing a secure or life-long position has been a trademark among the Italian population, so there are very few job openings for new professionals.

Transportation comes second in Italy. Like many European countries, Italy has hundreds of kilometers of rail roads and paved highways. It also has one of the biggest trucking fleets of Europe.

The third most popular job field in Italy is Engineering. One of the most popular choices for students due to its “immunity” to the crisis. Italy is now considered one of the world leaders in renewable an ecofriendly energy, providing job opportunities to many young engineers.

And those were the 3 most sought-after job fields in our top-tier countries. The end of the year is a time to wrap things up and learn from past experiences. We hope this 2017 round-up serves as a way to get an idea of what 2018 has in store for us; maybe these fields will continue to be as popular or maybe some others will take their place, who knows? We need to take what we’ve learned and use it to better ourselves and get prepared for what comes next.

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