How to Write an Engaging and Effective Job Description


Did you know that according to a recent study job seekers spend only 49.7 seconds reading a job description before dismissing it and an average of 76.7 seconds when the ad appears to match their search? There are tons of articles out there talking about how much time a recruiter spends looking at a candidate’s résumé before dismissing it, deciding that candidate’s fate in just a few seconds. ...

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How to Attract Disabled People to Your Company

disabled 3

Last time we covered the subject of incorporating disabled people into your company’s staff, we mostly focused on the numerous benefits these candidates could bring to the table. This entry, however, will be focused on the how rather than the why. Hopefully, our last article encouraged you to take a chance and give disabled people an opportunity, but maybe you’re not sure ab...

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5 Ways to Make Recruiters’ Tasks More Efficient


What makes a recruiter successful? Providing top talent for the companies they scout candidates for. It’s no secret the job has its ups and downs, just like any other profession, but when it comes to the recruiting industry, it can be very overwhelming sometimes. These professionals have many demanding tasks to fulfill and sometimes barely no time to do them. So, what’s the best solution? Making the best out of the time they actually have by efficiently managing and prioritizing their tasks:...

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Busting the Myths of Hiring People with Disabilities


We are lucky to be living in an unprecedented era of social tolerance and inclusion, yet, while there are some minority groups that have made amazing strives to get recognition and representation in the workforce, there are some others that are still fighting to get their spot. People with disabilities still face a lot of prejudice and bias when trying to break into the job market and, more importantly, to be seen as equals by their peers. When looking for a new job, disabled people face a good...

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