Skill diversity: Leveraging differences to become a better team

skills diversity

Diversity is a common topic nowadays. In a world marked by globalization and finding strength in our differences, it has become the star of many headlines in the media. This concept has come into the spotlight with topics related to key characteristics like race, ethnicity, disabilities, gender, age, religion, and sexual orientation. However, diversity not only has a social impact on the way we interact with one another at the workplace by brandishing the values of respect and tol...

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Exit Interviews: What Are They? And What Are They For?

exit interview

Have you ever been asked to fill a satisfaction poll or to give a review about a certain product or service you just enjoyed? The answer is probably yes. It is a common tool used for quality assurance purposes, in other words, that’s how companies know that their clients are actually satisfied with what they got. There is a similar concept in the world of business and recruitment called “exit interviews”. They are as important as they are useful to any company due to the amount of valuabl...

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How Design Thinking Can Help You Improve Your Recruitment Process Experience

Design Thinking

“Houston, we have a problem…” Managing people and trying to find the right prospects sometimes feels like a complete chaos and praying for some divine intervention to solve all your problems will not make them disappear. If you want to rise above, and optimize your recruitment and hiring process, you need to develop efficient solutions to the problems you may find. Your journey to success should start by letting go of the rigidity of your strategies. Nowadays, the secret lies in ...

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What Are Job Hoppers and How Can You Identify Them


Just like rabbits jumping from one place to the next, one of the latest trends among young workers is job hopping. It consists of spending a couple of years at a certain job, acquiring as much knowledge as possible and refining one’s skills, before moving on to the next opportunity. To someone that is used to the traditional way of thinking, job hopping may sound ludicrous. Perhaps it’s a generational thing; after all, Read the full article»

Red Flags to Look Out for During an Interview

Red flag

Any good recruiter knows and understand the importance of the interview during the recruitment process. It is the moment when you get to have a real one-on-one with your candidates, and you can get a sense of who they really are—both as a person and a professional. In the past, we have discussed and gone over what a bad hire is, the types you may encounter, and the dangers they pose to your compa...

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