3 Simple Ways to Improve your Employer Branding

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Employer branding is more of a necessity rather than an option nowadays. All companies have an employer brand, even if they don’t realize it. Employees are the ones telling your brand’s story, and there’s not much you can do about it, aside from helping shape this story. So, whether or not your company has purposefully established an image as an employer, you’re already transmitting a positive or a negative message about what it’s like to work with you, which could make people want to ...

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Compromising While Recruiting: Getting Past the Industry’s Established Requirements


If you have been in the recruiting game for a while now, you should know that talent has become scarcer than ever. We’re living in a candidate market now, so the rare gems you’re looking for are well-aware of their value and, trust us, they just won’t settle for any less. Since candidates now get to choose where they work, companies can no longer afford to be as picky as they used to—or they would risk losing qual...

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A More Humane Side of Human Resources


The terms “War for Talents”, “The Talent Wars”, or any other variation, have been appearing rather frequently in the lives of recruiters and hiring managers for some time now. It is merely an expression, of course, a way to symbolize the competitive and fierce aspects of what it is like for companies to bring in the best workers. With more specialized job positions opening every day, it’s no wonder why most companies are trying all kinds of strategies to win this “war”. But let’...

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Is an Effective Onboarding Program the Answer to Retaining Top Talent?


Retaining new employees should be one of the main focuses of an organization; especially with the ever-growing demand for talent. However, not all companies prioritize the necessary actions that need to be taken in order to improve their retention rate. One of the most effective ways to reduce turnover and increase retention is by having a well-structured onboarding program. Retention Who? Companies are aware that people are their best asset; however, they’re all talk when it comes to...

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5 Steps to Winning the Candidate Engagement War

engagement war

We’ve said it before and we won’t get tired of saying it any time soon: we’re living in a time where the job market has shifted in such a way that employees and candidates are the ones with the power to choose where they want to take their talent to. In spite of all the bad things, the 21st century has brought with it an unprecedented era of economic bloom and prosperity in most countries. People are starting new businesses every day more than ever before and the professional market has ...

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