Where to Apply AI in the Recruitment Process (And Where Not To)


Since the introduction of the internet, there hasn’t been any other invention that has revolutionized our lives as much as AI has. We have Siri and Alexa now; cool assistants that are just a button or a voice command away, but who knows what’s going to come next? AI is the bright new big thing in recruitment right now. Every major company is trying to get their hands on the latest recruitment software that will keep their company on top. One of the biggest advantages AI poses for recruiter...

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Talent Acquisition: So Much More than Just an Entry-Level Position


In the world of Human Resources and recruitment, talent acquisition (TA) has been slightly–if not completely–overlooked and dismissed for years. Being considered as just an entry-level position for HR professionals since the beginning, the world hasn’t given TA the real attention and importance it deserves. And it is really so much more than that; talent acquisition is not only crucial for a company, but it could also take you on an incredible career journey if you’re willing to g...

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3 Practical Lessons Recruiters Can Learn from Salespeople


It’s the ultimate war, one that has been going on for years and that doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon: Sales vs. Recruiting. Are they basically the same? Do recruiters have the same responsibilities as salespeople? Do they follow the same criteria? Are they even from the same planet? There’s one thing we know for sure: recruiters hate being compared to salespeople. But why not learn a thing or two from sales instead of spending their energy denying the truth? We can...

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How to Leverage Your 2018 Recruitment Budget


As a new year begins, finding new ways to fine tune our recruitment strategies and make the most out of the resources at hand is a major concern. And when it comes to putting your recruitment resources to good use, allocating them strategically is essential to reach your hiring goals. This might seem a tricky thing to do, but with these simple yet effective practices, your company will not only reduce its recruitment costs, but they will ultimately help you make the most out of your 2018 recru...

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The Unexpected Benefits of Engaging Candidates as Customers


“Treat your employees as you would treat your customers.” Catchy phrase, right? This expression has been bouncing around the business world as an effort to make high executives realize that one of the major factors that plays an important role in the success of a company is the overall happiness and satisfaction of their employees. But what if we said that it isn’t enough to just treat your employees as customers? This kind of treatment should start even before the hiring process. In othe...

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