The 3 Most Important Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

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According to the Chinese zodiac, 2018 is going to be the year of the dog. And contrary to popular belief, if there’s one thing all dogs can do, no matter their age, is learn new tricks. The new year brings along exciting new things for professionals in many areas, including Human Resources and Recruitment. With that in mind, today we’re presenting the top 3 trends you need to watch out for in 2018.

Machines Taking Over

Well, not really, but they are becoming a crucial factor in the recruitment and hiring processes. Technology is leaping forward and becoming more and more integrated with every aspect of our lives. 2018 promises to see a lot more automation in HR.

As we said before, one of the greatest ways HR can benefit from technology is in improving and optimizing the entire hiring process. No machine can judge the character of a person like a human can, but they sure can help do a lot of the heavy lifting by reducing the time it takes to hire a person without compromising or jeopardizing the quality of the candidate.

One of the main advantages of having AI intervening more in the recruitment aspect is their objectivity. You’d be surprised of the amount of discrimination that takes place during the hiring process, even on a subconscious level, and that’s something a computer is immune to. An AI doesn’t care about a candidate’s ethnicity or racial background, their sexual orientation, or their appearance. Recruitment oriented software focuses on quantifiable data and how a candidate’s profile matches a certain position available within a company.

So far, this kind of technology is planned to be applied for entry-level jobs in several industries where it is easier to simply match skills with responsibilities.

Emptier Offices

But not because of the lack of employees. It’s a little trend that has been catching on for a few years now and you’ve probably heard of it: remote work or working from home. With every year that passes, technology and the internet allow us to change the way we normally work. Why bother taking the time to commute and go to the office when you can do the exact same thing from the comfort of your own home?

Many companies are starting to realize the advantages of having part of their staff do their work from home. It’s a radical change, yes, and it takes time go get used to it, but remote work is bound to take over eventually. This is not for anyone, as the more socially-oriented employees tend to miss interacting with their coworkers. Nevertheless, working from home has become a trend in many industries, especially startups and companies working in the IT or e-Commerce sectors. It would seem that for many companies and employees, the pros surpass the cons by a landslide.

Some people have even taken advantage of the growing number of people working from home and have opened locations specifically targeted to them. These co-working spaces or coffices, an amalgamation of coffee and office, are places where people that don’t work in an office can go to and spend the day working at a different location. They offer an alternative to those who may grow wary of staying at home every single day.

Focusing on the Employee

Hiring is no longer about what the company needs from its employees; it’s what the company can give to its employees. And we’re not talking about just money. If you want to keep up with what 2018 has in store, then you better reevaluate and see how you’re treating your employees, even from the moment they’re just candidates.

We’ve said it before, the job market has shifted. There used to be a surplus of candidates and a limited amount of jobs available, and now it’s completely the opposite; there are too many opportunities out there, so employees now have the power to choose. Companies wanting to attract the best talent need to change the way they present themselves.

Then there’s the employee experience, another part of this big trend. It focuses on what motivates your employees to get out of bed in the morning and go to work besides their salary. It has a lot to do with your company’s culture, values, and partly, yes, the benefits. What is your company giving their employees that no other is? Is it healthcare? Is it paid vacations? Dental? It’s everything. This has to come from the core, or the heart, of the company. It’s the ambiance, it’s how you make your employees feel, the satisfaction of knowing that they are important.

So there you have it, three trends you need to be on the lookout for in 2018. Who knows what other surprises this new year will bring? No one can say for sure, but if there is one thing that is for certain, things change and evolve. We need to keep up with the upcoming trends or else we will fall behind.

Edu Rojas/NEUVOO
Content Marketing Editor