how to write job description

How to Write a Job Description

Your job posts are the first point of contact between your company and the candidates you’re trying to attract, and first impressions can be tough, especially when the competition between companies is as fierce as it is right now. What you want is to stand out in an effective way.

Let’s go over each step you need to follow to know how to write a job description. And if you want to see some more job descriptions samples, feel free to browse through our database.

How to Write a Good and Balanced Job Description


Job title

Just like the headline of a news article, your job title must be catchy and enticing but also clear and to the point:

  • Avoid decorating your job titles with extravagant words like ninja, ace, or rockstar. Internal lingo should also be avoided. Instead, stick to the industry standards and keep it concise, like “Customer Service Representative” or “Account Manager”.
  • Titles like “Sales Representative” or “Administrative Assistant” that include the field of the job and the level of the position tend to yield better results to your job posting and reach a wider range of candidates.


It may seem unnecessary for us to specify this, but it is a very common mistake in job descriptions. Always include the location of your offices. Commuting is a significant factor when candidates consider where to apply



This is it, the meat of your burger. Here is where you make the candidate fall in love with your company. Here’s how to write a job description:

  • Start with a good description of your company to make candidates want to work with you. Your description should answer the following questions:
    • Who are you?
    • What do you do?
    • What are your values?
    • What do you offer to your employees that no one else does?
  • Keep it simple and to the point when you write a job description. There’s no need to write an essay here or to use overly complicated language that could make you seem pompous or intimidating.
  • Don’t forget to include all the nice perks you offer. It’s not all about the salary anymore, use any special benefit that you offer to attract more candidates (health insurance, parking, flexible schedules, etc.).
  • Avoid recycling old job ads. Every role in your organization is unique and so should be your job ads. Not to mention your company changes and evolves over time and so should your employees and the way you recruit them.

Listing Responsibilities

Explaining what you can offer to a candidate is important, but so is explaining what you expect from them.

  • Create a list of responsibilities that is both simple and concise. You may include a list of every-day activities of the position when possible.
  • Make your candidates see the bigger picture. Explain how the activities and responsibilities of the position you’re offering affects other departments of the company so candidates can see what kind of difference they would make while working there.

Asking for skills and qualifications

There’s nothing worse than listing skills and qualifications as if the job ad were a shopping list.

  • Stick to the truly essential skills and qualifications. Some things can be learned with training, so don’t go looking for that purple unicorn with a never-ending list of skills.
  • Requirements that are very specific to the position should always be listed in the description, as they will help get your job noticed by the right people. For example, a developer might look for “Java” on its own instead of searching for “Java developer”. If your job title is “Back-End Developer” you need to have “Java” somewhere in your job description or your job will never appear in the user’s results.
  • Try to focus on actions rather than just skills. Instead of just listing skills, use practical examples of recurring duties to explain what you need your candidates to be able to do. Don’t forget a good job description is about trying to find the sweet spot between catching the candidate’s attention and getting the appropriate job details in your posting.


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