Editorial Jobs


The Editorial field focuses on written communications, which encompass a range of topics, as well as several media outlets, such as newspapers, books, and magazines. This discipline revolves around every aspect involving how to address information in an effective manner to diverse audiences. Professionals specialized in the Editorial field have a great number of careers to cover, usually crossing over with other areas and careers, including Communications, Politics, Business, among other specializations.

The duties of an Editorial expert go from creating and developing a concept, subject, or topic to presenting it before a specific audience; therefore, creativity, precision, and organization are a must for positions in this field. These professionals also need to be open to learning new skills in order to stay effective and relevant, especially technology-wise, always looking for new tools, services, and ways to be more productive and efficient.

Tasks Overview

Editorial professionals are usually responsible for the following:

  • Conducting research and compiling the necessary information on the subject they’re working on.
  • Proofreading and editing content or documents.
  • Ensuring facts, quotes, and references are verified.
  • Working efficiently alongside other Editorial specialists.
  • Managing work schedules in order to be able to meet tight deadlines.
Skills Overview

All professionals working in the Editorial field usually share the same characteristics, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Having outstanding creativity and insight, with great levels of thoroughness and a keen eye for detail.
  • Possessing good analytical and investigative skills.
  • Having excellent communication skills and cultural awareness.
  • Being great at multitasking and organized.
  • Being versatile, flexible, and willing to work within constantly changing priorities.
  • Being resourceful and energetic.
  • Having strong computer skills and a thorough knowledge of word processing programs.

Something that most Editorial specialists must have in common is possessing an excellent and updated knowledge of news and current affairs from different sources. Even though most of these professionals tend to specialize in a specific subject, having an extensive general knowledge is a must for most Editorial careers. Furthermore, a broad and extensive knowledge of English and French is usually required by most employers in Canada. Most of these professionals have to deal with deadline pressures and the stress of ensuring that the information they write and publish is completely accurate.

Having at least 3 years of work experience and a bachelor’s degree in Communications, Modern Languages, Journalism, or English is essential for any professional working in this field. For Editorial jobs, such as writing, editing, and reporting, most candidates are advised to start at small or local publications, working their way up the career ladder to national or international media sources.

Editorial careers and all professionals in the area of Communications play very important roles in the evolution of the media. The ways we communicate are changing all over the world, from paper to digital, with the online world taking over, the Editorial field being one of the firsts to adapt and, consequently, increasing its demand for Writers.