Part-Time Jobs


Part-Time jobs are a form of employment that involves working fewer hours, usually 20 hours a week, than a full-time job. Almost any job can be Part-Time, provided that the employer agrees to this condition. However, there are some positions that are more commonly done on a Part-Time basis, such as Nanny, Cashier, and Waiter.

The usual reason for people to take a Part-Time job is to have enough time to engage in other activities during the day (e.g. studying, doing internships, or leisure activities). Part-Time jobs’ shifts are either rotational or fixed and theses shifts can be carried out during the day or at night, depending on the necessities of their employer. However, some people work Part-Time independently, meaning they contact their own clients and organize their own schedules.

Another form of Part-Time jobs are seasonal jobs. These are the ones that people usually do during a specific time of the year (e.g. Lifeguards in the summer and Ski Instructors during the winter). The recruitment and selection process for these jobs usually begins before the start of their respective seasons.

Tasks Overview

Due to the wide variety of jobs available on a Part-Time basis, the tasks performed in this particular area are extremely varied. Therefore, the regular tasks performed in each job will change depending on its type.

Skills Overview

All professionals working Part-Time in any field usually share the same characteristics, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Possessing outstanding knowledge and skills in the tasks they perform.
  • Displaying high levels of flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Having strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Having organizational and time management skills.
  • Being a team player and having leadership skills.
  • Being capable of handling stressful situations.
  • Possessing sound judgement to make decisions.

Almost any job can be performed on a Part-Time basis, so the qualifications and educational requirements will be different from one job to another. However, the most common Part-Time jobs are usually undertaken by high school and college students in order to balance their studies and have an income. The usual requirements for common Part-Time jobs are completion of secondary school education, demonstrated abilities and skills in the tasks they would be undertaking, and, in some cases, a special certification to prove that they possess the necessary preparation to perform a job.