Storage Jobs


Professionals working in the field of Storage have one main job; as the name clearly states, they are in charge of storing different sorts of goods and products for a set period of time. Storage companies serve both big and small customers. Some specialize in renting storage units to individual customers where they may place whatever they please while paying a monthly fee for the service. Bigger storage companies offer a higher capacity and a wider variety of special accommodations for their clients, such as higher security and temperature control for more sensitive goods.

Storing goods requires high levels of organization, planning, and safety. It is crucial for all workers in this area to be able to meticulously create inventories of everything that goes in and out of the storage facilities. They also need to keep accurate records of all customers and follow strict laws and regulations regarding what they are storing. Although special equipment such as lift forks are used, this is a physically demanding field of work. All professionals must adhere to safety protocols in order to avoid hazardous situations and injuries.

Tasks Overview

Storage professionals are usually responsible for the following:

  • Receiving, sorting, and storing items in warehouse facilities.
  • Liaising with customers and employers regarding storage capacity and availability.
  • Conferring with clients and suppliers regarding the items’ status.
  • Retrieving items clients require to take out.
  • Maintaining storing facilities clean and working in proper conditions.
  • Following all safety procedures to the letter in the workplace in order to avoid accidents and hazards.
  • Conducting regular inspections on warehouse conditions, as well as that of vehicles, tools, and equipment.
Skills Overview

All professionals working in the Storage field usually share the same characteristics, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Possessing high levels of organizational and time management skills.
  • Having good mechanical and technological skills.
  • Displaying high levels of self-reliance and resourcefulness.
  • Being in excellent physical condition.
  • Having good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Displaying high levels of honesty, integrity, and reliability.

In addition to the aforementioned set of skills, professionals looking for a job in the Storage field are usually required to have completed secondary school education for entry level jobs. Experience handling heavy machinery and working as part of a team is highly valued. For higher ranking jobs, such as management, candidates are often expected to have a college or university degree in Business Administration or Industrial Engineering. Organizational and leadership skills are the most important for these positions.

Furthermore, in Canada, there is a Red Seal endorsement available for all professionals working in this area. This certification allows candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in this field and is valid throughout the entire country.