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enter text to search and navite through suggestion using down arrow key

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    sessionWarn) / / console.log('Check in if'); var logOffHandler function() / / console.log('Log off Handler'); / / Make a POST Ajax call to / Saba / api / login / logout, ignore any failure (May get invalid session if user has already logged out) / / then do window.

    location.reload Saba.timeout.logout(function(success,response) if(success) var urlValue response; if(urlValue) window.TrqBridge.

  • redirect(urlValue); else window.location.reload(); ); var closeHandler function() / / console.log('Close Handler'); / / See if the session has timed out, if yes then do the log off flow, if not then detect change in session timing if(getSessionTimeoutWarning() null) / / Cookie expired so the session timed out logOffHandler();
  • else / / Start detecting change in session warning time for every 30 seconds till we detect a change. sessionTimeoutDetectChangeTimer setInterval(function() detectChangeInSessionWarning(sessionWarn) ,30000);
  • var continueHandler function() / / console.log('Continue Handler'); closeHandler(); / / Check for valid session and start session change detection timer / / Make a get Ajax call to / Saba / api / login / ping to keep the session alive Saba.; var config title : document.getElementById('timeoutTitleLabelDiv').innerHTML, topMessage : document.getElementById('topMessageDiv').

    innerHTML, warnInMinutes : document.getElementById('warnInMinutesDiv').innerHTML, minutesLabel : document.getElementById('minutesLabelDiv').

    innerHTML, bottomMessage : document.getElementById('bottomMessageDiv').innerHTML, continueLabel : document.getElementById('continueLabelDiv').

    innerHTML, logout : document.getElementById('logoutLabelDiv').innerHTML, ok : document.getElementById('okLabelDiv').innerHTML, afterWaitLabel : document.

  • getElementById('afterWaitLabelDiv').innerHTML ; if(Saba.timeout) Saba.timeout.showSessionTimeoutWarning(config, closeHandler, logOffHandler, continueHandler);
  • else / / console.log('Sleeping for ' + ((sessionWarn-currentTime) / 1000) + 's'); setTimeout(function() checkSessionTimeout();
  • sessionWarn-currentTime); / / Check for change in session warning and start the timer ain, if we detect a change. function detectChangeInSessionWarning(oldSessionWarnTime) / / console.

  • log('Old session warning date ' + new Date(parseInt(oldSessionWarnTime))); var newSessionWarn getSessionTimeoutWarning();
  • console.log('New session warning date ' + new Date(parseInt(newSessionWarn))); if(oldSessionWarnTime ! newSessionWarn) / / console.

  • log('Change Detected '); / / We detected change lets start the timeout alert ain clearInterval(sessionTimeoutDetectChangeTimer);
  • checkSessionTimeout(); / / Start the timer to warn user for session timeout / / Read from cookie the time to sleep function getSessionTimeoutWarning() var nameEQ "sessionWarn ";
  • var ca document.cookie.split(';'); for(var i 0;i < ca.length;i++) var c ca i ; var pos c.indexOf(nameEQ); if (pos ! -1) return c.

    substr(pos + nameEQ.length,c.length); return null; / * >

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