Haul Truck Operator
ClearStream Energy Services
Fort McMurray, AB, CA
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Job Description

Heavy Equipment Operator - Journeyperson

The Heavy Equipment Operator role is an integral part of the ClearStream Contracting division. This role reports directly to the Shift Supervisor and is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of their assigned heavy equipment, to be available to run all heavy equipment that ClearStream requests when properly trained as well as performing various ground level activities as required.

Key Responsibilities :

  • Report all incidents, injuries or significant events to their ClearStream Shift Supervisor and in accordance with company and client standards.
  • Freeze the scene of any potential incident or near miss until the scene is released by company or client leadership, regardless of perceived severity.
  • Intervene on any unsafe act in a positive way to ensure the safety of all people on site.
  • Perform the required hazard assessments at the required intervals (LPSA / FLRA).
  • Take corrective action to mitigate immediate hazards, where safe to do so.
  • Maintain operational skill by completing continued review of client and company practices and procedures and regular simulator assessments / training as required.
  • Perform repetitive tasks while ensuring to maintain consistency according to ClearStream Contracting and client procedures.
  • Support green hat (short service worker) employees and site safety mature personnel alike in being successful in their roles and champion all staff members to follow all company & client policies.
  • Participate in incident investigations as required by ClearStream or client leadership.
  • Communicate in a positive way with all employees and clients as required and be a positive force on site.
  • Participate in all client and company safety / operational programs.
  • Attend all meetings as required; this may include but is not limited to : ClearStream Contracting company meetings, client team meetings and on-site safety meetings.
  • Openly communicate with ClearStream leadership regarding your successes, struggles or areas of uncertainty.
  • Represent the Company in a positive manner with the client, staff, company and the community.
  • To understand if any policies or procedures apply to your task before beginning that task and then to follow all company and client policies and procedures.
  • To only operate equipment that you are signed off and deemed competent on. Unless under the direct supervision of a mentor in line with company and client policy.
  • To only perform tasks that you are signed off and deemed competent on. Unless under the direct supervision of a mentor in line with company and client policy.
  • Be an engaged team member on and off site by adhering to the core values of ClearStream at all times.
  • Perform the duties of being a subject matter expert in the ClearStream simulator development program to assist in the continual site specific precision process for simulator accuracy.
  • Fulfill the Advanced User role if requested by ClearStream leadership.
  • Fulfill the mentor role if requested by ClearStream leadership and train green hat employees in line with the ClearStream mentoring practices.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Qualifications :

  • Displays a safe and productive work ethic, with a customer service attitude.
  • Basic computer skills and knowledge is an asset
  • Strong communication (written and spoken) skills in line with client requirements and the ability to interact professionally in stressful situations.
  • Knowledge of the industry and region in which ClearStream Contracting operates.
  • Must be physically able to lift up to 50 lbs and able to quickly ascend or descend a vertical ladder while lifting own body weight.
  • Must not have any physical restrictions that would impair the ability to perform the following but is not limited to :
  • Ability to operate at night or in dark / low visibility
  • Ability to hear radio communications at varying frequencies and volumes; as well as audio signals on all sides of equipment / body even when faint (such as horns, sirens and verbal communication).
  • Ability to operator for prolonged periods in the sitting position with constant vibrations and moderate impacts from shaking to body.
  • A proven safety record and a willingness to learn and be trained on new skills
  • Education and Experience :

  • Valid driver’s license and abstract in compliance with ClearStream and client requirements
  • All client requested certifications
  • 3+ years’ experience on primary piece of equipment considered and asset
  • Haul truck, articulating truck or heavy equipment experience an asset
  • Preference to : 777+ haul truck, D6+ dozer, 16+ grader, 450+ excavator, 950+ loader
  • Open pit mining experience an asset
  • Supervisory / managerial experience an asset
  • High school diploma or GED at a provincial recognized institution an asset
  • University or college degree / diploma an asset
  • Current CSC employee with 1 year tenure OR;
  • Person hired with greater than 6000 hours accumulated / verifiable experience on the primary equipment they are applying to operate.
  • Specific to the Mining (Truck / Shovel) department - all positions will start at the rate structure one level below the position their experience qualifies them for.
  • This rate will remain throughout the 100 day duration of their training period

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